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With limited resources available, we highly value foreign volunteers with different ideas and experiences to join our team. Within our programs, volunteers work alongside with Ugandan volunteers in a variety of projects to directly benefit orphaned children, women and rural communities. The projects include the following activities listed below.


The main focus of this project is to provide underprivileged children with a loving, creative environment in which to flourish. Volunteers can help in areas such as feeding, organizing plays, music, craft and arts, hygiene, nutrition, sanitation and HIV/AIDS education. A key part in our work is child sponsorship from all over the world and the volunteer will help to maintain the contact between the child and the sponsor, arrange visits in the community and in the schools and be responsible to keep an update  of the pupils  records. This is ideal for people who love children and are eager to see them reach their full potential.


Education & Vocational Training

Do you have a special skill or just a love for teaching? Then this program is perfect for you. Teaching primary students in any of the basic subjects, as mathematics, English, science, physical activity etc. is highly welcomed. The teachers working at the schools are local teachers and they need your inspiration, ideas, and support to keep up their passion. Learning from each other is a way of growing. Maybe you have a love for something that you want to teach others about, or maybe something you think would make a difference for our children and the local communities. We want to empower the children towards a sustainable future by teaching them a range of skills including computer skills, hairdressing, modern organic farming methods and tailoring. The exchange of ideas, experience, and culture is encouraged.



A central part of our work which include mentoring and counseling of youth and youth leaders in subjects such as HIV/AIDS, Public Health, women’s health and rights, and  family planning. Also organizing creativity workshops where the adolescents learn small business development and emphasize the value of basic education. You’ll be working both with groups and with individuals. This is the most significant and the most common activity undertaken by volunteers.


Community Outreach

The hope with this project is to engage with the local communities through home visits to elderly who stay with these needy children, disabled, and people living with HIV/AIDS to keep them company, offer relief, and assess needs. This is a good opportunity for volunteers to see the daily challenges faced by marginalized groups in Ugandan local communities who stay with the children we endeavor to help.


Women’s Empowerment

We believe that all women have the right to be empowered to reach their potential. The work includes educating and supporting women in the areas of HIV prevention, public health, reproductive health, family planning, sanitation and hygiene. We also run home visiting, AIDS care and women’s groups focusing on vocational training and women’s rights as they are the ones staying and bringing up these children on a daily basis.



Often a less popular area in which to serve, but nonetheless essential in ensuring the successful running of our organization.

We highly value support in budgeting, project planning, fund-raising, marketing as well as training of Ugandan staff and other locals in such areas as:

1) Capacity building training of MCODE staff and other select groups in raising house hold incomes, HIV/Aids ,Gender and other cross cutting edge community issues like malnutrition and others in MCODE areas of operation in order to help these children efficiently.

 2) Developing and writing proposals for the organization that can attract funding in various areas.

 3) Liaising with government agencies and NGOs for the different relevant programmes.

 4) Searching and collection of data useful in the working of the organization.

 5) Preparing and compiling half yearly and yearly reports on activities supervised by the volunteer.

 6) Advocacy of MCODE to donor agencies e.g. be a referee for MCODE during the volunteers’ stay and after he /she leaves   MCODE.

 7) Any other relevant duties may be assigned to the volunteer depending on as when need may arise, by the Director.


Volunteer Information

The projects are based out in the villages of Buleega, Makindu, Buleere, Namatovu, Mawotto, Kikooli in Najja sub-county, Buikwe district and others in Pallisa district. There is often a significant language barrier between volunteers and the children; local teachers will have to help you with translation or you get your time to learn the language through available language courses.

Some projects will require you to use initiative, confidence and creativity. Work experience is not necessary depending on the determination of the volunteer. Under the guidance of the MCODE executive and Task committee, volunteers are expected to actively engage in the field of activity and with the children.

Program Schedule (For Our Schools)

Volunteers’ time of stay is usually from one to three months. Your stay can be extended beyond three months on a case-by-case basis. School terms vary from year to year but are approximately as follows: Feb 1st - April 20th

May 20th - August 20th

September 15th -November 30th

Please also note that exams take place at the end of each term and normal class schedules will end prior to that. Short term volunteers are advised to start earlier in the term before school holidays.

Living Arrangements & Money Matters

Living arrangements depend on the individual volunteer and will be discussed upon the availability of the volunteer or application. MCODE are able to help you find accommodation if asked for.

As we are a small organization we cannot provide any monetary subsidiary and therefore volunteers will need to raise personal financial support to cover their time with us. Aside from living costs, the major financial implications are flight, travel insurance and volunteer visa. Personal living expenses depend on the volunteer but can be as low as $250 a month.

For more information about volunteering with our organisation please contact us.


MCODE Uganda:




Phone: +256 772 309197


Nyenga Road - Buikwe. Next to Pioneer Secondary School.

P.O Box 37190, Kampala (U)


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