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Roofing also begun as soo as the wall construction reached the wall plate. On average, work progress was fast and welldone. A big thank you to the donors - CanAssist African Relief Trust - Canada

Construction began immediately after the  foundation escavation, the  school  staff, children and the community members all  look excited

Foundation Trench digging

After a successful setting out, the foundation trench was dug the following day. It was a hard job but was given to the community residents so it was not  only adding more classrooms at the school but also residents were given an opportunity to earn an income.

Busagazi Island

After recieving funds from CanAssist African Relief Trust, MCODE started the construction of a two classrooms block at the Busagazi Public Primary school. Like any other construction, the two classroom block construction began with setting out. The school is situated 25km away from MCODE's office located in Buikwe town and was seen in 2013 when the team was implementing a disability support program. 


MCODE then applied for funding from CanAssist Africa Relief Trust which they approved in 2014. The Trust's represenatives Bill, Rae-Ann and another member visited MCODE on 10th/0ct/2014 but due to limited time, they were not able to visit the school. In May 2015, Dan Otieno (CanAssist's Africa representative) visited MCODE and the school and that was the climax that led to the release of funds, construction has began.


After a successful twelve month' implementation of the AMI MCODE project, representatives from the donor agency - AMI Foundation visited MCODE for a monitoring and evaluation mission, On the team were Dr. Jose Luis Fernando and Paolo Casilli. The two days visit involved community visits for the "eyes on" activities and office discussions for more understanding of each other between the two organisations.

Busagazi Primary School

The school is situated on Busagazi Island in Najja Sub County - Buikwe District. It is a public school with a population of over 600 pupils who are supposed to attend classes in at least seven (7) classrooms but to any one's suprise, there are only two classrooms leading to five classes to be conducted under tree shades.


MCODE therefore looked for means to support the school, and an application was made to CanAssist African Relief Trust - Canada. The grant was approved and below is the photo of the trust's representaves who visited MCODE for an exploratory mission. Construction of at least two classes will begin as soon as funds are received.





Active members of the community during the AMI MCODE project are able to gain much because they transfer the knowledge and skills learnt from the model gardens established in the communities basically for the nutrition component of the project.


This is possible because we provide them with enough seedlings  for their prepared kitchen yard gardens, monitored and provided with pest control measures and medicine.


In order to be able to know the number of people reached during our program activities, registration of all participants was always done on every outreach made

Among the activities carried out during the the AMI Funded project include; Cleaning water sources - usually carried out on Saturdays. This was agreed upon with the communities so that they can do their householdchores such as digging during the other days, but also to incorporate children in the cleaning. Hand washing at schools, school children are most targeted as they consider the hand washing session as part of what they learn. Also we promote fruit tree planting among the infants as we teach them the importances of growing, having  and eating fruits.

During the project implementation, also beneficiaries with no back yards are considered, demonstrations of sack farming and trough usage are also carried out tp cater for those in semi urban centres and have no where to do their vegetable growing.

Alive at Seven - Supported by Child Health Foundation

Activities involved in the project include; water source cleaning, quality maintainence of water from source to point of of use, encouraging hand washing after cleaning babies' bottoms, before eating food and keeping food & water utensils clean. 

Douglas Cruickshank, a consultant with Project Redwood in USA visited MCODE for an exploratory mission. A meeting was held for 1-2 hours with both sides knowing more about each other.

"It was great hosting you Doug, thank you for all the courage and recommendation" MCODE Team


Improving Child Health - an MCODE Project

To avoid giving too many seeds and others failing to germinate, nursery bed were prepared at the demonstration garden where beneficiaries were able to taake seedlings only that their gardens would accommodate.

Since senstisation sessions were usually carried out over weekends and in the evenings, parents/guardians were always encouraged to come along with their children to receive de-worming medicine wich was always done by health proffesionals.

Lots of things are happening at our base. We can no longer use the office space provided by the council and we have found a new 3 room rental property in town for our Centre, so we can actually extend our services and now are employing a physiotherapist named Robert.

We are now in the process of moving into the new refurbished property.

MCODE also has purchased land for our own centre to be built in the future. Fencing of the land is in progress

For pictures click here

Photo: MCODE Staff; L-R Annet, Robert, Amina, Florence, Isma and Joseph


Improving Child Health - Funded by AMI Foundation

The Nutrition promotion component was implemented in a way that care givers to the children (direct project target group) were educated on how to prepare kitchen yard gardens at their homes. after the verbal training, they together with the educators set up a model garden from where they learn first hand how to prepare their gardens at home. And after learning how to prepare the garden, every beneficiairy was visited and provided with seedlings euivalent to their gardens.

MCODE Audit Report 2013 - Click to download this PDF file of 1.7MB

6 February 2014

Community Education sessions in Najja and Busagazi areas funded by  AMI Foundation - Portugal

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6 February 2014

Assessment of PT items needed at MCODE Uganda Feb 6 - Click to download this paper


MCODE in partnership with AMI Foundation in Portugal are implementing child health focused project called "Improving Child Health in Rural Uganda" and will involve three intervention areas; Nutrition, Hygiene and Sanitation, and Malaria and will be implemented for a period of twelve (12) months, more updates will be posted here.


Photo: Before and after photos of Christopher after surgery to correct his feet.



With support from our generous supporters, MCODE has risen above disability! Kasajja Christopher is MCODE’s first disabled child to benefit from the “Rising Above Disability” programme where we promote mobility and self-reliance not sympathy.


Christopher was born disabled with both club feet and has been in this state for the last fourteen (14) years until of recent when MCODE identified him and together with their partner MEND, Christopher has been supported and his deformity corrected. Christopher received all these services from Katalemwa Cheshire Home located at Mpererwe along Gayaza Road.


Christopher, his siblings and mother were abandoned by the father since he was four years, so the mother could not cater for the surgery costs. From now onwards, Christopher will walk normally like other human beings, he is now hopeful and always has a smiling face, a big “thank you” to our supporters.

 - MCODE [ Uganda] secured a grant for US$2,875 from The Project Solution to fund their Water Tank Project for Buleega School.  To see photos of the project click here.


 - MCODE [Uganda] completed a distribution of scholastic materials as well as purchasing a 2nd cow from the grant received from The Jambo Fund.  The cow has been presented to its new family.  To view photos of both these events click here.


Photos of one of the project we are currently implementing, the project is being funded by a Portuguese foundation called AMI - Click here


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